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Best Homemade Chicken Bone Broth

Yesterday and all day today I’ve been telling myself, “write a blog post”, ” get off your butt and write something “!!  Do you know what I’ve been doing?  Reading cookbooks and pinning recipes. I found a fantastic recipe for roasted broccoli soup with Stilton. How lucious does that sound. I will definitely be trying that!!  But not today.

Today is all about the chicken bone broth. I usually make a big batch almost every week. I don’t like canned or boxed broth. It usually tastes like the tin can it comes in or is overly salted. Yuk.

The one I’ve made today is my summer version of this broth.  The only difference between my summer and winter versions is, in the colder months, I roast a lot of chicken. I save up the carcasses in the freezer. When I have about four or five I’ll make a batch of broth. In the summer I use two whole chickens. Preferably organic, if it’s a good price.

This broth is the base for most of my soups. Chicken, vegetable, bean, or pork. I also use it for rice dishes.

This broth is incredibly easy. You gather your ingredients, put them in your pot, fill pot with enough water to just cover everything, and let simmer all day. Now most recipes will tell you to simmer for 24 hours. I simmer mine for 12 hours. I really don’t have a choice. My stove shuts off after 12 hours. It’s really your choice. Do what is best for you.

First things first. Make sure you have a good stock pot. I use a 22 quart stock pot. Gather your ingredients

Ingredients are: 2 chickens, (giblets removed), 2 onions, 4 or 5 carrots, scrubbed, trimmed, unpeeled, 4 or 5 stalks celery, 1 lemon, halved, 1/2 a bulb fennel, 4 or 5 cloves of garlic, smashed, 2 sprigs rosemary, 3 or 4 sprigs thyme, 1 bunch Italian parsley, 1 teaspoon salt, 5 or 6 peppercorns, 1-2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar.

Put chickens in pot and cover with cold water.

Add remaining ingredients.

Top off with a bit more water. Remember, not to much or it will boil over. Bring to a just boil and turn down to a simmer. Be sure to skim off the scummy stuff.

How beautiful does that look? It smells even better!!

After about an hour and a half the chickens should be cooked through. You can tell if they are done by sticking a knife between the thigh and body. If no pink juice comes out, the chickens are done.

Put on a large cutting board till they are cool enough to handle. Leave everything else in the pot to continue to simmer.

Separate the meat from the skin and bones. Set meat aside.

Add skin and bones back into pot continue to simmer for at least ten hours.

Remember the meat??  Freeze it!!  Waste not, want not is my motto!!

I got 3 quart sized freezer bags of chicken. There are only two in the photo, because I used one bag to make…….

Enchiladas!!!!  I do mine lasagna style!!  I made two more meals with the meat. Tacos and chicken salad. Plus the meals I used the broth for. But that’s an entirely different post. Back to the broth.

Set a strainer in a bowl.

With a skimmer, put ingredients into strainer. Let drain. At this point I use a wooden spoon to mash everything down to get all of the liquid out.


That’s the broth from the strained chicken.

With a fine mesh strainer, ladle broth into bowl.

With a funnel and a fine mesh strainer. Strain broth into your jars.

Don’t skim the fat. All of the fat will rise to the top while it’s cooling and solidify in the refrigerator. I store mine in the back of the refrigerator, where it’s the coldest. If you want to freeze your broth, do it after it has turned into a wonderful gel. It is easier and less messy.  This recipe made about a gallon and a half of broth. It’s great for cooking and it’s great for sipping as a warming snack. Enjoy!!

WAIT!! Don’t leave yet. I want to tell you about my friend Christine.

Christine is a quilter. Man can this woman sew!!  I wish I had that talent!!  She’s also a blogger.  She’s talented at that too. Anyway she’s going to do a guest post here at The Fig Farm. You can find Christine over at www.stitchal

She is awesome and you are going to love her!!

She’s just beautiful!!!

Thanks for sticking with me!!  Could you help me out by following me and sharing my blog with your friends??  Thanks. See y’all next time.

2 thoughts on “Best Homemade Chicken Bone Broth

  1. Aw, thanks for your sweet comments!! The website is a wordress website, but I had the web address changed to just be : Thanks for the shout out, my friend!!

    This post is AWESOME!!!!! I have never made bone broth in my life. I always feel guilty throwing out chicken and turkey carcasses, because I know there’s more to be made with it but I just didn’t know what to do. Now I do! I am TOTALLY making bone broth this thanksgiving. I am also making chicken enchiladas this weekend now too. Ha!! Although I have boneless skinless chicken breasts, so I won’t have any carcass to make a bone broth with. I am pinning this post for later. You are amazing!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You are welcome!! I make a big batch about every week. When your broth is done and it has been in the refrigerator overnight, when you take it out the next morning, it should be gelled. That’s how you know you’ve simmered it long enough. I can’t wait for your guest post!! I’m excited!! Let your fans know.


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