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Best Home Brewed Coffee

“I forgot how good your coffee is”, The Man said after returning from a weeklong visit at his sister’s house in Washington. She has a single serve k cup type coffee maker. Not enough control over the end product for me. Sorry Sis in law, my coffee is better.

First let me say, I do nothing prior to my first cup of coffee……except make the coffee. That first sip of velvety, slightly bitter, hint of smokey chocolate goodness  is the most wonderful way to start my day!!  Here’s how I do it.

Get your favorite whole bean coffee. I like French, Italian, or Esspresso roasts.  Today I’m using Italian roast.

Put your beans in your grinder.

Grind to your desired grind. I grind mine super fine.  A barista gave me that tip. He tried explaining the science behind it, but thought better of it, as my eyes were glazed over thinking of nothing but getting my coffee done. I do remember he said something about the oils in the beans.

Fill your pot with cold water.

Put eight scoops off this beautiful brown powder in your filter lined basket. I measured it once and it’s a full cup of coffee grounds.

I tamp it down, but you don’t have to.

Yes I’ve had that scoop for about 20 years.

Close lid and start………

Wait for it……………

Wait for it………….

Almost there……….

And it’s done. I like mine sweet and blond. With real sugar and half and half!! None of those flavored creamers for me. I’m not fond of the plastic taste. You, however, use whatever you want!!

There you have it!!  The best coffee ever!!!


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